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A Cubase Crash Problem

II am a long time Cubase user. It is an amazing DAW. Quite solidly built and processes fast makes workflow very fluently.

With that being said.

It still have its flaws, When I first got introduced to Cubase in 2008. I did not take notice the software crashes. There were too few to take notice. Everything worked pretty fine. As the years go by, these crashes occurs more often than I expected. I turned a blind eye as I have already grown accustomed it. 

There were a couple incidents where I could not open a project file after the program crashed. Imagine that you have a deadline in two days and your project file that’s up to date wont open. yeah. been there done that.

It wasnt till recently I was working on Seeing Red, I had about 80% done. It was a alright sized project. had more than 100 audio channels on screen. Then cubase decides to shit it self by crashing every fucking 2 to 10 minutes. It was hell. It was not the constant pressing of CMD + S that bugged me. but the times it took to reload the project that made me want me pull my hair out.

I took the opportunity to upgrade my operating system from 10.6.8 to 10.9.4. in hopes of solving some of the issues. Although it did made my iMac a bit faster but it made Cubase even worse. 

So to solve the problem. the oldest trick in the book is complete installation of Cubase and its hardware drivers. Also deleted some VSTs i don’t use at all. 

And right now,its working better than before. only time will tell how effective this method is under the newly developed OS X 10.9.4

there is what I have learned over night:

Cubase it self is a extremely complex program, Just like a PC,it supports most third party software and hardware in the digital recording realm. not to mention the massive amount of settings one have to go through during the initial installation. and just like most OS, it get slow it time. 

When you upgrade your system OS. Its better to have a clean slate of your DAW rather than have it to carryover. The newer OS will most likely have a different coding structure than the old OS. when the DAW is carried over from the old OS, it might not adapt to the new operating system.

until next time


OMG!!!! AWESOME! I just opened a project I thought it was lost forever. That is GREAT!!!!!!!! 

lazy update

I have been truly lazy about keeping this blog up to date lately. This year I been on a wild emotional roller coaster and its has been a real challenge. and i have learned that: You will win a challenge by understanding your fears and overcome it,its easier said than done.

This year it have been the most productive yet:

I teamed up with a long time friend and an amazing music producer Roddy Mac(a.k.a.MSAS) and we created Happy Land. Did sound design and mixing for a short film Seeing Red Directed by Adam Thomas. Two more horror short films currently in production stage with the creators of Jack’s Not Ready

I finally got around to build a sound engineering production team for film, After one year of searching within my inner circle. 

On top of that I am trying to form a band as I really miss playing live.  

I am stoked on what’s ahead.

Don’t worry, I have a lot of notes. I will try to post them when I am able to so stay tuned. who ever read this.

Good Morning! 

Trying out a new A/B ing with two speaker systems.

I am trying out this new way of mixing. maybe its better or maybe its wrong. the point is. i will never know till I try. 

I have a pair of KRK Rokit 5s which I love and use always. but recently I got a bit tried of hearing the same sound over and over again. Dont get me worng, the KRKs are awesome. but my mixes are alway sound the same. so that i need a second ear. 

So i thought why not do this: 

I also have a Sony HIFI stereo system,in which I used to mix with it when back in collage. its got two 5 inch woofer with a 1 1/2 inch tweeter on each speaker. sound decent,good bass. 

the sony will primarily be used for composition stage,while the KRKs are to be used when mixing. In that way,i will have a comparison between the each systems frequency responses.therefore a second ear.

I just hooked up the two system and they are ready to go.



here is something I found on youtube that is interesting:
432hz sounds fuller and nicer on the ear whereas 440hz sounds thinner. 432 Hz touches the full 12 scale octave overtones of all music, whereas the music of today vibrates at 440 Hz. This 440Hz only touches 8 scale octave overtones. 432hz music touches your heart which makes listening to music a more emotional.

I am conducting research on this. and so far,i like what i am hearing.